The Etiquette for Gaining the Wealthy Chinese Customer

Cynthia Lett CPP,CEP welcomed Bob Frye, CPP to the Modern Civility Show to talk about how to gain the newly wealthy Chinese client to your business and the etiquette and cultural sensitivity you need.  There are lots of tips to follow and information to understand this important new market. Popular Business Internet Radio with Cynthia […]

Business Etiquette for Building Relationships with High-End Clientele

Cynthia Lett interviewed John Breheny, of the Brooks Brothers Clothiers in Tysons Corner Mall, Virginia who shared his experience and expertise in building relationships with his clients for their and the store’s benefit.  There are tips about how knowing and practicing proper business etiquette can help you gain the advantage in business. More Business Podcasts […]

Undivided Attention – the Best Demonstration of Good Etiquette

Why Workplace Etiquette Matters By Bonnie Low-Kramen Published June 27, 2013 Glassdoor REUTERS Our 24/7 instant-access virtual world has taken the “person” out of “personal,” especially in the workplace. Until we all turn into robots with hard drives, I suggest we take a breath and slow down long enough to remember that we are all living, […]

Correspondence Cards – A must have…

We think the most useful item in your stationery wardrobe is the correspondence card.  It’s more informal than an informal (fold over note) and can be used for the most purposes.  The cards are perfect for thank-you notes, informal invitations and quick notes.  They reflect the style and formality of the writer depending on the […]

Five (5) Occasions When E-mail Should Never Be Sent

There are occasions when written correspondence is required, but e-mail should never be the method of choice.  Yes, e-mail is certainly more timely – immediate as it is – but the nuance, the impact of the message carried is diminished because it is e-mail and not a hand-written letter or note.  The following circumstances are […]

E-mail Rules – Quick Reminders to Avoid Mistakes

When you can spend an hour or two (for me it’s more like 3 hours) a day reading, answering, deleting, ignoring and categorizing your e-mails, it is more important than ever that you use your time to wisely handle the impression  you give others through your electronic missives.  Our e-mails are more often than not […]

Why Won’t They Call You Back?

by Marc Cenedella (Founder and CEO of Why haven’t they called you back? The interview went well — you’re pretty sure you nailed that question about how you could contribute to the team’s new mobile initiative — and you really hit it off with the HR person. You’ve got a background in exactly the […]