It’s Apropos!

Can I Get Fired for Bad Manners?

Pointing is confrontational, aggressive and belittling.   The person who is pointed at will become defensive and further conversation is unlikely to be positive.


There are many companies which hold high standards for customer service and expectation that their employees will follow through on executing those standards.  When you don’t, your job is at jeopardy.

So, what do you do?  Learn the skills necessary to be the best ambassador for your company and yourself.  You will need to know:

  • ​how to establish positive connections with anyone
  • how to handle different personalities and situations with grace
  • skills to use to make every individual comfortable with you in any situation
  • conversation skills – especially how to draw out conversation from those who are quiet
  • networking skills that mean a broader outreach to professionals and colleagues
  • appropriate email correspondence writing skills
  • conflict resolution skills

Did you know that the employees seen as having “class” get promoted more easily?  They make more and stronger liaisons with others who can help them succeed.  Why wouldn’t you give yourself and your employees these advantages for success?

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