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Potential Employers & Would-be Clients Show Poor Etiquette

Over the years, I have heard the statement over and over again, “I interviewed but never heard back from them.”  Recently I have been experiencing the same dismay.  One day in January this year, I was asked to meet with the General Manager of a hotel that was opening in our area.  The appointment took half of my day for a fifteen minute interview.  I was told that I would hear from him by the end of the week (four days later).  I heard nothing.  Immediately after I returned from the interview, I sent a handwritten note to both the General Manager and his secretary thanking them for their time to meet with me. Another week went by – no call.  After the third week I called to ask if they had hired another company to do etiquette training for their group and was told no they had not.  I was assured by the secretary that she would get back to me about the status of our proposal in the next day or two.  Eight weeks later, no call.

Considering that the General Manager of the hotel was hiring our company to provide etiquette training for his staff because he said he valued knowledge of the subject, you would think that he would exercise proper etiquette and return phone calls and keep his promises.

I find it unfortunate that a company was willing to take my time to go to their office but does not have the grace to treat contractors (or would-be contractors) with the grace they want us to teach their employees.   This was not the first time this has happened, but the practice seems to be getting much worse.  I would love to hear about your stories similar to this one.

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