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Silver Serving Utensils

We are often asked by our clients and readers about proper serving utensils for formal (and sometimes informal) meals.  Here are a few common and yet not so common serving utensils that are part of most sterling silver services.


berries, casseroles, salads, fruit or vegetables
Flat Server
fish, chops, tomatoes, desserts, pastries
Master Butter Knife
butter pats, on the sandwich tray for cheeses, relishes. Hollow Handle
Ice Cream Slice
brick ice cream
Sugar Spoon
sugar, jellies, jams and marmalade
Asparagus Server
asparagus or croquet
Mustard Ladle
for hot mustard or horseradish
Hooded Asparagus Server !
Gravy Ladle
for sauces, gravy, dressings
Macaroni Server
pasta, vegetables
Pierced Tablespoon
used to serve juicy vegetables
Cheese Scoop
soft cheeses and spreads
vegetables, fruits, puddings
Cracker Scoop
oyster crackers or ice shaves
Sugar Tongs
for sugar cubes, candy, ice cubes
Butter Pick
butter pats, brick cheese, pickles & olives
Olive Fork
olives, pickles, also a butter pick and for hors d’ oeuvres
Tea Strainer
to strain tea
Bon Bon/Nut Spoon
for candies, nuts and canapés
Ice Tong
ice cubes
Jelly Server
for jellies, jams, preserves, cream or cottage cheeses and relishes
Salad Tongs
salads, ice cubes
Lemon Fork
for lemon, orange, lime slices, hors d’oeuvres
Carving Fork
large roasts, ham steaks, fowl, and other meats Hollow Handle
Cream/Sauce Ladle
sauces, salad dressings, entree and desserts
Carving Knife
large roasts, ham, steaks, fowl, and other meats Hollow Handle
Cold Meat Fork
serves sliced meats, chops, cutlets
Large Serving Fork
meats, fowl Hollow Handle
Pie/Cake Server
also serves molded salads, pizza slices, frozen desserts Hollow Handle
Fish Serving Knife
fish, pies, pastries also knife on cold meat or cheese platters. Hollow Handle
Bar Knife
slices and serves lemons and limes, also used as a bottle opener
Cheese Serving Knife
for brick cheeses, sliced cheeses, pates Hollow Handle

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