How to Make Winning Presentations

How to Make Winning Presentations

How to Make Winning Presentations
One of the greatest fears for nearly everyone is making a presentation. Whether it is to one person or one thousand people, the fear is real and for many it is devastating.

Don’t be one of these people. Stand before the crowd feeling comfortable and confident. With the new How To Make Winning Presentations 30-minute training program you’ll learn to develop the skills to make every presentation a success and feel comfortable and in control when giving it.

By using this program you’ll learn the two basic key ideas on which to build presentations; how to overcome presentation jitters; why, how and when to adjust to the audience when giving a presentation; how to look and act composed; how to deliver what audiences expect; how to use action endings to tell listeners what to remember; how to be idea-conscious, not self-conscious; and much more!

Lee Iacocca, former Chairman of Chrysler, once said, “The most important thing I learned in school was how to communicate.” And you too can learn to communicate even better with this new video training program!

Available in VHS (NTSC or PAL) or DVD. Comes with audio CD and Book.

45 minutes.

How to Make Winning Presentations VHS, $109.95

How to Make Winning Presentations DVD, $129.95