Compulsory Etiquette Classes

This is an old article but since I just found it, it is news to me.  Brighton College on the southern English coast started etiquete classes for 13-14-year-olds because the Headmaster, Richard Cairns, decided it was time his pupils were taught a few lessons in good manners.  He decided this after learning that employers were […]

From – Etiquette instruction has become necessary in Dubai Hotels

Hotels issue brunch etiquette norms By Kevin Scott, Staff Reporter Published: November 05, 2008, 23:33 Dubai: Expatriates and visitors to Dubai are being reminded of what is considered acceptable behaviour at the city’s notorious brunches. Several hotels have taken steps recently to inform guests of the etiquette expected of them at the popular events, which […]

Potential Employers & Would-be Clients Show Poor Etiquette

Over the years, I have heard the statement over and over again, “I interviewed but never heard back from them.”  Recently I have been experiencing the same dismay.  One day in January this year, I was asked to meet with the General Manager of a hotel that was opening in our area.  The appointment took […]

The Other ‘Customs’ of International Meetings: Protocol

When I first started planning international meetings more than 25 years ago, “going global” was the catchphrase of the day. Companies sought new markets outside of the United States and associations sought new membership. When I started planning meetings abroad, my focus was strictly on logistics: freight forwarding, negotiating in foreign currencies, collaborating with airlines, […]

Dining Skills for the Savvy Professional Seminar

On February 20, 2008, The Lett Group will present our popular seminar, Dining Skills for the Savvy Professional at the University Club of Washington, DC. In a fun and interactive atmosphere, learn the skills you need to navigate through casual and formal dining situations. Learn how to recognize and use all types of flatware, table […]