How to meet 300 people in 30 seconds

etiquette,networking,network,business etiquette,international protocol,first impressions,conversation,Cynthia Lett By Cynthia W. Lett CPP, CEP The title of this article suggests that you might be standing in front of a crowd of 300 and introducing yourself. Not really. You just met one guy who looks like he might be nice to talk with at this party you both are […]

Tipping Tips Around the World

tipping,tips,tipping etiquette,international protocol,tipping protocol,etiquette Tipping Tips around the World By Cynthia W. Lett CEP CPP; Director, The Lett Group & International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professionals According to all the dictionaries, tips are something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service.  What we experience however is the expectation of a tip, whether […]

What’s Wrong with Swearing?

Swearing Imposes a Personal Penalty It gives a bad impression. It makes you unpleasant to be with. It endangers your relationships. It’s a tool for whiners and complainers. It reduces respect people have for you. It shows you don’t have control. It’s a sign of a bad attitude. It discloses a lack of character. It’s […]

What does “Certified” mean in the etiquette business?

I am concerned about the “Certified” designation etiquette consultants have given themselves which demeans our field of training. It seems every day a new website goes up with the owner touting that they are a “Certified” Etiquette Consultant or Trainer. The public would naturally believe that since they have “Certified” among their credentials, that they […]