Five (5) Occasions When E-mail Should Never Be Sent

There are occasions when written correspondence is required, but e-mail should never be the method of choice.  Yes, e-mail is certainly more timely – immediate as it is – but the nuance, the impact of the message carried is diminished because it is e-mail and not a hand-written letter or note.  The following circumstances are […]

How Do Teens Communicate?

Data and infographic by AWeber The results of the survey that AWeber did with teens who were applying for a scholarship reveal interesting data about how to reach out to the up and coming generation.  If you own a business or market to this demographic, you may find this information valuable.  We did. So […]

Paris Etiquette

Paris launches campaign to overcome rudeness…

This article caught my eye because in my world travels, I have kept a keen eye on where rudeness runs rampant and where the population practices a greater degree of kindness and consideration of others. While all of France can’t be categorized as “rude”, I have experienced a greater percentage of haughty behavior in Paris […]

Is “Dear” dead?

  Cynthia Lett was quoted along with other prominent etiquette teachers, by Bob Greene, in this article published today on CNN online.  What do you think?  Is the salutation “Dear” dead?  Do you disagree with any of the experts’ opinions?  

Customer Complaints

5 Golden Rules for Handling Customer Complaints Effectively

My colleague and friend, Linda Finkle of the Incedo Group wrote a wonderful blog post about handling customer complaints. I can’t copy it here but have attached a link to her website. Please take a moment and visit her site to read it.

navigate business trip

How to Navigate Your First Business Trip

In the June 2, 2012 issue of the Wall Street Journal Magazine, this article was published which included a tip from me about the proper behavior on a business trip.  Too often business professionals treat business trips as mini vacations on the company and not what they really are… a chance for those who work […]

dinning manners

When Dining With Someone Unpleasant

Recently I was asked by Steve the following question: My parents and I have been invited to have Easter dinner with an elderly lady and her divorced son! I have a major problem with this because the son is a highly negative, opinionated, and angry individual who dominates the conversation on mostly negative topics of […]