Tipping Tips Around the World

tipping,tips,tipping etiquette,international protocol,tipping protocol,etiquette Tipping Tips around the World By Cynthia W. Lett CEP CPP; Director, The Lett Group & International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professionals According to all the dictionaries, tips are something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service.  What we experience however is the expectation of a tip, whether […]

What’s Wrong with Swearing?

Swearing Imposes a Personal Penalty It gives a bad impression. It makes you unpleasant to be with. It endangers your relationships. It’s a tool for whiners and complainers. It reduces respect people have for you. It shows you don’t have control. It’s a sign of a bad attitude. It discloses a lack of character. It’s […]

Thank-you Note after State Dinner?

Savvy people know that after you have enjoyed the hospitality at a dinner party, the proper thing to do is to write a thank-you note to the hostess (or host is there wasn’t a hostess). But, what if you are invited to the White House for a State Dinner? Do you send a thank-you note […]