To build rapport, relationships and to connect with customers, co-workers family and friends it’s important to watch what you say and how you say it.   Poor conversation skills can derail teams, cause leaders to lose respect, destroy customer relationships, lose sales, and demolish friendships. Here are 12 things to avoid in your conversations.   […]

Do Manners Matter?

Why do manners matter? Simply because companies whose employees do not subscribe to displaying common courtesy experience more employee turnover, more complaints to the EEOC and more time spent on paperwork related to complaint issues. On an individual level, when you don’t use manners and common courtesy, you are showing a lack of consideration and […]

New Cell Phone Rules Reviewed by the FAA

The FAA has decided to review their rules about cell phones and other electronic devices being allowed to be turned on during take off, landing as well as during flights. Do you believe that the flying public will be gracious about using them in a non-disturbing way? We would like to read your comments.

8 Ways To Get Along With Everyone in 2011

By Arnold Sanow – Associate To get along and build rapport, relationships and connections with customers and co-workers here are 8 key ways to get everyone singing your praises! * Accept Other Points of View Be open to accepting other points of view. Our tendency in many situations is to immediately become defensive when someone […]

The Power of Etiquette

More business is lost by faux pas than you may realize. Learn the skills that will take you to the highest level of achievement. We will be your coach.

Etiquette in business is much more than knowing which fork to use when dining or how to greet clients when at lunch. To be sure you don’t get embarrassed in business you really should consider learning the skills needed to present yourself as a professional and be taken seriously.

Meet Cynthia Lett

Cynthia Lett is currently the only etiquette & protocol expert holding both the Certified Etiquette Professional (CEP) and Certified Protocol Professional (CPP) in the world. These are designations earned by examination through the International Society of Protocol & Etiquette Professionals. Since 1983, her expertise has been as a professional consultant in Business & Social Etiquette, Business & Social Entertaining, International Protocol and Executive Communications Skills and International Meeting Planning