“That’s So Annoying” – A Book Review

“That’s So Annoying” – A Book Review

Thank goodness somebody did this – finally documented all those things people do that drive us nuts, you know, annoying things; like loud cell phone calls in restaurants, poor hygiene, cursing, poor grammar, messy offices, so on and so on. “That’s So Annoying”,  (Skyhorse Publishing 2009), covers business, friendships, home, dining, social, communications and much more.

Cynthia Lett, a certified etiquette and protocol professional and director of the International Society of Protocol and Etiquette Professionals has given us a great gift in “That’s So Annoying”. Not only has Cynthia compiled a massive list of actions that annoy us, but more importantly she has provided ways to deal with these situations and people. The sad fact is most people don’t even know they have an annoying habit. When handled in a professional and non confrontational manner most people are glad somebody made them aware. Cynthia provides expert guidance to help you do just that.

The organization of “That’s So Annoying” makes it easy to find that particular annoying habit or group of habits that drive you up a wall. Cynthia even ranks habits with an Announce Rating System from awfully annoying to only annoying to a select few. Her suggestions of how to deal with people and situations run the gamut from direct respectful discussion to just leave and go shopping elsewhere. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do.

Everyone should be armed with this book from political leaders, executives, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, moms and dads and teenagers. Each of us does something annoying at one time or another. Why not identify it and fix it before somebody has to tell you.

Robert W. Frye

Director International Business Protocol

Former chief of Protocol for AT&T, Lucent Technologies and the U.S. Embassy, Baghdad Iraq