Amazing Grace Culinary and Etiquette Program Final Banquet

Last Saturday, June 22, The Amazing Grace Culinary and Etiquette Program held its final banquet luncheon to show off what the children in the program had learned. A delicious four-course lunch was served which was prepped by the students and their professional Chef teachers. Each student hosted their own table with family and friends in […]

dinning manners

When Dining With Someone Unpleasant

Recently I was asked by Steve the following question: My parents and I have been invited to have Easter dinner with an elderly lady and her divorced son! I have a major problem with this because the son is a highly negative, opinionated, and angry individual who dominates the conversation on mostly negative topics of […]

New Years Eve Toast

Toasting on New Year’s Eve

Remember tonight, New Year’s Eve… if someone toasts you, you must not raise your glass and sip. A toast is a compliment and you never compliment yourself. Just sit if you are already sitting or stand if you are already standing, smile and accept it. Then… toast back to the gracious one who toasted to […]

Register Now for Business Etiquette, Dining Skills & International Protocol Seminars

We have released our schedule of open registration seminars for September-December, 2011. In Bethesda, Maryland at the Doubletree Hotel & Conference Center September 12: Boardroom Polish – Business Etiquette & Entertaining Dining Skills for the Savvy Professional Dinner/Dining Tutorial October 17-18: Managing Protocol Issues 2-day Seminar including four course luncheon dining tutorial November 17: Boardroom […]

Silver Serving Utensils

We are often asked by our clients and readers about proper serving utensils for formal (and sometimes informal) meals.  Here are a few common and yet not so common serving utensils that are part of most sterling silver services. SILVER SERVING UTENSILS Berry/Casserole berries, casseroles, salads, fruit or vegetables Flat Server fish, chops, tomatoes, desserts, […]

Afternoon Tea isn’t High Tea

I know that when I see an establishment advertise “High Tea” that they mean “Afternoon Tea” or “Proper English Tea” but it bothers me because they are teaching those who read the advertisement the wrong name for the event. “High Tea” is not high-class.