How To Work A Room With Ease

BWSmallBiz — Etiquette October 9, 2009, 5:00PM EST text size: TT How to Work a Room with Ease Tips for networking among strangers Jan Feindt By Louise Lee Small Biz HUNGRY? If you arrive hungry or thirsty, hit the buffet first. Eat quickly, finish, and only then start working the room. Don’t try to juggle […]

Manners reborn: why a new generation prefers etiquette to ecstasy …

…according to a new survey, a startling proportion of young people are confounding Churchill’s wisdom and wholeheartedly celebrating traditional conservative values. They believe in the importance of manners, espouse the joys of the family unit, and, most surprising of all, more than three quarters believe that the country has changed for the worse.

Lack of civility is bad example – Washington Times

This wonderfully written article in today’s Washington Times reflects my own opinion about recent incivilities in the sports world reported on in the news. HAGELIN: Lack of civility is bad example – Washington Times Shared via AddThis

Protocol Training Seminar Oct. 1&2

If you work in a protocol office or if you plan international meetings, you will benefit from Managing Protocol Issues, our 2-day seminar which will be offered in Bethesda, Maryland on October 1-2 at the Doubletree Hotel and Meeting Center. I am also allowing individuals who just want fine dining training to join our group […]

Spa Etiquette in Japan

Private, open-air spa at the Hakone Suishoen hotel. (Takehiko Kambayashi) Japan: Cultural shifts in spa etiquette By Takehiko Kambayashi | Christian Science Monitor Correspondent 08.28.09 HAKONE, JAPAN – Dipping in a hot spring is a Japanese obsession. In summer, many people head for a spa resort like this mountain town, 50 miles southwest of Tokyo, […]

When Queen Elizabeth II Comes To Your Town…

Etiquette experts give advice on royal treatment; abrazos discouraged By Loydean Thomas – Express-News Originally published on May 17, 1991.What do you do when the queen of England comes to call? The thing to do is be yourself but don’t overdo it, experts agreed Thursday. “You mustn’t rush up and try to break through crowds […]

Australian Table Manners – Oh My!

Australians are unspeakable eaters according to etiquette expert Gill Harbord Article from: Sunday Herald Sun By: Catherine Lambert August 30, 2009 12:00am TOO many Australians are using forks as spades and knives as forks, according to etiquette expert Gill Harbord. Eggleston Hall headmistress and co-judge of popular TV series Ladette to Lady Gill Harbord said […]

Final Word focuses on “That’s So Annoying”s

Craig Wilson who writes the “Final Word” column in USAToday focused the August 26th column on what’s annoying and my book, That’s So Annoying. If you missed it, read it here.  Thank you Mr. Wilson for introducing my book to the country. Buy it at or at any bookstore.